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viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

Turkish Journalist in Jail

Dear Friends,

Human rights activist, publisher, writer and journalist Ragip Zarakolu was arrested on October 28, 2011 in connection with the ongoing Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) trials. He is the chair of Committee for Freedom of Publication. His son was also jailed a few weeks previously on similar charges. Zarakolu has been a leader in revealing the truth about the 1915 Armenian events to Turkish readers, with 10 books about this taboo subject in Turkey and countless articles. He was the first to publish the Turkish translation of books by Vahakn Dadrian, Dora Sakayan, Verjine Svazlian, George Jerjian, Taner Akcam and Teotig.

A campaign is started to support Zarakolu and his Belge publishing house.

You can show your support by ordering books from Belge publications, as well as sending a Christmas card to Zarakolu in prison. He needs all the moral and financial support that we can provide, and I request that you publicize this campaign through your friends and contacts.

You can buy Belge books online:

Most books are in Turkish but the Teotig book, a compilation of the biographies of more than 700 Armenian intellectuals martyred starting on April 24, 1915, is in both Armenian and Turkish.


On a personal note, I had dinner with him the day before we travelled to Diyarbakir for the opening of the newly reconstructed Surp Giragos Church. He had told me that since he is now too old and well known, the state is going after his son and not bothering him. Unfortunately, a few days after his return from Diyarbakir, where he had joined us in the blessing of the Surp Giragos Church, he too was arrested and jailed.

1) Who is Ragip Zarakolu:



P.S. If you feel uncomfortable writing to a Turkish prison or ordering books from a Turkish publisher, I can arrange on your behalf.

Thank you all,

Raffi Bedrosyan

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